Epoxy Build-Up, IN

Madison, IN

Overspray build-up can be incredibly difficult to remove. Before we began dry ice blasting at this facility, paint line cleaning required five people to work for five full days to beat and scrape two-part epoxy from the metal walls around the booth.

Using a dry ice blasting technique with a small amount of crushed glass incorporated into the ice reduced line downtime to a single weekend. In addition, our compliance cleaning keeps all plant employees in their roles, and not removed from production for cleaning protocol.

Dry ice blasting is safe in environments where other equipment is located, and even running. And it doesn’t damage the substrate – meaning we can deep clean without damage; only having to sweep up whatever adherents we remove.

Because the EPA, or (in this case) an insurance carrier establishes limits of hazardous build-up, we work with facilities and managers to mitigate this risk with regularly scheduled compliance cleaning, free of toxins or chemicals.

You have complex parts. We can clean in-place, and sometimes in-motion.