Food Production Cleaning

We can clean your equipment in-place, while running, with no secondary mess, and no liquids at all.

Because our dry ice blasting process involves zero liquid or chemicals, the integrity of your product won’t be compromised during regular maintenance or emergency cleaning.

EPA and USDA approved and food safe, we use non-abrasive ice blasting to lift grease, sugars, bacteria and proteins from your equipment even during normal operation. We’re often able to clean in motion, and with no disassembly. This significantly reduces downtime, and is better for production staff and the bottom line.

Working together, we can create a formal management plan for cleaning necessary elements of the plant on schedule to stay in compliance with insurance and government bodies, while even reducing running and maintenance costs.

Some companies running large conveyor systems and mixing components have seen as much as a 40% reduction in power used when the equipment is cleaned using our process.

Our environmentally friendly ice blasting provides a uniquely detailed clean, and a way to maintain equipment to a higher standard, often without stopping vital production.